MSc in Space Systems Engineering

MESSENGER (Image credit: NASA/John Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory)

Taking an integrated approach to the design of a total space system.

The multidisciplinary nature of space systems engineering requires people with a range of expertise. This postgraduate course provides the grounding for these people by concentrating on an integrated approach to the complete design of a total space system and showing how the various component subsystems function and interface with one another.

The University of Southampton is uniquely placed to offer this programme, drawing extensively from the courses provided to the European Space Agency and European space industry by the Astronautics Research Group.


(applications accepted up to programme commencement)

Ariane (image credit: ESA)

Ariane (image credit: ESA)

A space mission is essentially a compromise. It represents the best overall solution to the user requirements of a large number of elements including the spacecraft, launch vehicle and ground segment.

Student working on SUSat

Student working on Cubesat

Students can work on a wide range of projects.